Our Representative Trials work to identify and select talented basketball athletes who have the potential for greatness at state level basketball.

Our long-term goal is to develop highly skilled players that have the mental, technical and physical attributes to play at the highest levels to ensure a positive and fulfilling basketball experience for everyone involved.


Successful West Sydney Wolves Representative Players all possess the following qualities:

  • High Character
  • In Good Physical Condition
  • Possess Good Defensive Skills
  • Possess Good Offensive Skills
  • Mentally & Physically Tough
  • Value team goals before individual goals
  • Willingness to Learn


The West Sydney Wolves Coaching Panel in collaboration with the Head Coaches will conduct trials and follow an evaluation process set out by WS Wolves Basketball Association. The coaching staff have been asked to consider the following when making selections for the 2020 representative teams.

The athlete’s potential to meet the selection criteria is assessed by the Selection Panel and the team Head Coach.


Each athlete will be considered against the following criteria:

  • Physical Attributes – Speed, Height, Agility, Stamina and Strength.
  • Technical Proficiency – Dribbling, Shooting, Passing, Footwork.
  • Defensive & Offensive Skillset.
  • The ability to contribute to the Wolves Brand of play will be key to the selection process.
  • Desire and willingness to place team goals before individual goals.
  • Willingness to accept, live and embrace the WS Wolves core values.
  • Demonstrated character traits to become an outstanding basketball player.
  • Be highly receptive to coaching.
  • Exhibited desire and commitment to working hard at improving mental, physical and technical skills.

The athlete’s potential to meet the selection criteria is assessed by the Selection Panel and the team Head Coach.


  1. The ten players selected to represent the WS Wolves team will be the ten players that compose the ‘best team’ not necessarily the ten best players, although, they may be.
  1. Four players for each age group will be selected to the development team. These four players from the Development team will be individuals who were highly considered in the team selection process. The coaches and the selection panel agree that these players possess good skills but may need a little more time to develop. Development players will train with the team and can choose to travel to the games to get game experience from a spectator and player perspective. WS Wolves believe this helps with the development process.
  1. Players will be selected solely on merit, evaluation at club level games and their performance at the trials.
  1. WS Wolves and the coaching staff will endeavor to remain unbiased during tryouts, unfortunately subjectivity is an unavoidable element of the selection process.
  1. We hope everyone who tries out and does not make a team understands that this evaluation does not define their future or who they are as a basketball player. Our hope is that we can support and encourage you to participate in our development programs. Please discuss this with our coaching.

At the conclusion of the above process of observation, consultation and evaluation, the WS Wolves Coaching Panel and team Head Coach will make the final selection relative to the selection criteria. The players will be allocated to teams and informed of their selection via email and on the WS Wolves website.

We will strive to be completely unbiased and sincere with players and parents, but all involved must understand that the purpose of evaluation and critique is to correct, enhance, educate, modify behavior, and bring about positive change.