In a constantly shifting business landscape of new opportunities and business practices, the West Sydney Wolves Business Club aims to unite business owners, entrepreneurs and basketball within our community. We want to inspire you and your colleagues, help you learn the latest tactics and strategies, and make invaluable connections that spark business growth.

When you are part of the West Sydney Wolves Business Club, it’s important to note that it is not just another business club. Our focus for the next 12 months, is YOU. Through our meetings, network event and the connecting of individuals, we aim to help build a stronger and wiser self. One that conducts and does business in a more strategic and revolutionary manner. We plan on helping you grow into a better version of yourself, one that is ready to conduct business in the best way possible.

Along with this we bring together the parents of our future organisation and our business clients to leverage off one another. With a total of 640,000 in our LGA imagine the reach and growth you can have in your business, not to mention the giving back, growing and nurturing of our communities for our children and their children to come.


Networking Events

As business owners we tend to be cautious when it comes to others helping us along in our journeys. However, it is important to recognise the amount of influence and positive impact other business people can have on us. The West Sydney Wolves plan on being at the forefront of building a bridge to connect businesses together and also educate them in strategic partnerships. The purpose of this is to better each others positions in business

Business seminars

West Sydney Wolves will celebrate the small business owners and sponsors we engage with, in our communities and bring together leading business experts and entrepreneurs to inspire and educate business owners with new tools, strategies, and best practices to bring back
to their companies and communities.

Business Seminars

The Seminar will connect business owners and entrepreneurs from the community and highlight business leaders who will share their inspiring stories of success and perseverance. They will cover small business-specific topics ranging from growth strategies, branding, financial strategies, marketing, talent acquisition
and mentorship, and social media.

LGA Impact

With a total of 640,000 people across 5 areas in West Sydney, each event will have a heavy emphasis on networking and community building.
The West Sydney Wolves Business Club combines essential business tips with opportunities to network with fellow business owners beyond your community and across numerous industries.