The Alliance Wolves Vision
The Alliance Wolves Project was developed out of the desire to enhance the quality of life for all disability or disadvantaged youth in Australia.

The programs that the Alliance Wolves Project provides are fun, inclusive to families and friends, with a goal to empower our participants in their daily lives. We aim to have an enduring positive impact on their self-efficacy, personal health, independence and overall well-being.

Alliance Project Group & West Sydney Wolves: Inclusion, respect for disabled or disadvantaged people and the celebration of our similarities and differences are the guiding principles for our partnership. It’s who we are, it’s in our DNA.

Our Mission:
The mission of the Alliance Wolves Project adapted basketball programs is to provide diversified innovative programs that encourages disabled or disadvantaged individuals to participate in sport. Through providing year round adapted basketball programs, guidance and support for our participants, the Alliance Wolves Project will focus on being the model in adaptive basketball programs. By incorporating fun inclusive programs, professional mentoring and life skills workshops we will provide programming that has a lasting impact on the quality of life for all our participants.

Message to our Sponsor:
West Sydney Wolves is deeply grateful to Rouad Elayoubi and Danny Mikati of Alliance Project Group for their commitment to diversity, equality for children who are disabled or disadvantaged in Australia and their desire for high quality training.
Thank you for the life changing support you give us, we would not be able to accomplish what we do without your support.

WSWBA is committed to providing kids with disabilities a positive, safe and inclusive environment to participate in sports and will be implementing a modified basketball format to encourage active participation rates for disabled youth.

The WSWBA Integrated 3X3 Basketball Program will aid participants reach those physical and psychological benefits needed to live a balanced life. Kids with disabilities may not be able to participate in a typical basketball team or game, we believe that the Integrated 3X3 Basketball

Program enables them to learn that they can be just as effective and can build camaraderie with their peers and teammates as well as empower themselves.

They learn they are in charge of their bodies and that physical activity is fun and good for them: body, mind and spirit.

WSWBA Integrated 3X3 Wheelchair Basketball Program will focus on bringing kids with disabilities, their friends and family members together to participate in a modified 3X3 basketball game that aims to create FUN positive experiences, build self-esteem, provide a sense of belonging and community, aid social cohesion, and promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

The WSWBA MAKE A DIFFERENCE PROJECT aims to provide fun and inclusive basketball programs for children with an intellectual disability or with special needs.

The program will focus on fun activities, building self-efficacy, provide a sense of belonging and community, promoting the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle and encourage kids to explore and play the game of basketball, without the fear of making mistakes. Players will participate in drills and various fun games, that encourage them to explore, discover and familiarize themselves with the game of basketball with their friends and peers. This program is coached by experienced and dedicated coaches, selected for their passion and ability to teach the game to young players.

The WSWBA BOUNCE BACK PROJECT aims to provide fun and inclusive basketball programs for children from migrant or refugee backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, or who are socioeconomically disadvantaged. Many children grow up in an impoverished, vulnerable or disadvantaged surrounding without positive role models to guide and nurture them to become productive adults, and assets to their teams and community. The Bounce Back Project is founded on the principle that “The harder you push a basketball to the ground the stronger it Bounces Back” this analogy can be compared to life experiences such as “We may sometimes fall down in life, but what’s important is that we Bounce Back and move forward”.
The program will provide participants with a friendly basketball competition, skills development sessions, life skills workshops, mentoring from prominent and influential community figures. We believe that basketball is a great vehicle to develop and instill values and moral ethics in our country’s youth.

The Alliance Wolves Project has the ability to reach communities by providing social interaction, health and physical development and provide local businesses the opportunity to build community bonds and social connections.

How to get involved
Thank you for your interest in becoming involved with the Alliance Wolves Project!

West Sydney Wolves and the Alliance Wolves Project is always in need of reliable coaches, staff and volunteers to assist either on the court or in the office. Considered an essential part of the Alliance Wolves Project team, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out the enquiry form and our Director of Coaching will be in contact soon.