One on One Training

Unlock your full potential. Train one on one with a West Sydney Wolves Head Coach!

The West Sydney Wolves One on One Training Program offers focused, intensive and specified training sessions with our experienced and qualified head coaches for basketball players of all ages and abilities.

By following a basketball training regimen tailored specifically for your current skill- set and basketball IQ, we’ll be able to help you unlock your great potential as an athlete and basketball player!

In our WOLVES SKILL LAB 1:1 training we teach you how to become a SCORING MACHINE. Run by our experienced Representative Head Coaches who work with players 8-22 years of age, our coaches put a very strong emphasis on building your offensive skills including balance, footwork, agility, and a variety of basketball specific exercises such as:

  • Change of pace/direction
  • High glass finishes
  • Shooting floaters
  • Step-back jumpers
  • Mid-range pull ups
  • Shooting off the catch
  • Finishing with contact
  • One-legged jump-shots
  • Hesitation moves
  • Dribble-drive moves
  • Signature moves & how to build one
  • Master your quickness with the ball
  • Improve your 3-point shooting
  • Build a higher motor
  • Become a 3 level scorer, and more…

With each session we will focus on specific offensive skills to give you a better understanding of how to use them effectively in game situations.

Spots for this program are limited. If you are interested in organising one on one sessions at the West Sydney Wolves, email with your name, age, contact phone number and a small message with the nature of your inquiry.